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About Trina 

As far back as I can remember I have loved homes and wanted to know everything about them.

My grandfathers always included me in their renovation work and handed me a hammer to help, as

much as a kid can. Eventually I really wanted to learn and understand what they were teaching me, so 

I took drafting in high school to further understand how and why homes were build the way they were.

Continuing my education through hands on experience over the many years I have helped renovate may

friends and clients homes and continue the work on my 1935 house.  


I am a home owner, and when my husband and I started the search for a place to call our own the

process was scary, exhausting and stressful. We looked at many houses in our search for the

"perfect home", and when it came time for the inspection we were terrified. All we thought about was

how much was this house was going to cost us. We had the good fortune of having an outstanding

home inspector who found issues with the houses, and we had to walk away from many homes. 


                         I learned something in that whole process that I wish I realized at the start,

                                                               So I'm passing this on to you.

                                             There is no such thing as a "perfect home" 

                  In my many years experience and homes inspected, none are perfect, not even the new homes.

 There are too many variables.  The important question to ask is "is this home perfect for me/us?" 



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We started asking our selves this question and it made our search easier. We looked at houses differently and we were able to relax and understand what was being said to us at the inspection.

      REALITY CHECK! EVERY home needs money put into it, (decorating, appliances, roof, flooring, etc.)  you just need to decide if that home is worth it to you and how much your willing to spend on that house. 

Look past the lipstick and makeup! You need to know if the bones of the home are in good condition, that's why a home inspection is important.                      

This experience made me realize what I wanted to do with my life, I wanted to help home buyers with the purchase of their new home. Now I get to walk my clients through the home inspection process and help take the fear and frustration away with explaining what my finding mean.  I have spent so many years doing the renovations and fixing the problems and helping identify them. I want to help home buyers understand what they are buying, the good and the not so good and how to process that information into making an informed decision rather than an emotional one. After all, a house is simply a square wood box with nails, screws and drywall with a bunch of pretty makeup and lipstick,  not until you have lived in it and created memories that it becomes home. 

"Knowing who you are hiring is as important as why you are hiring them" 


Working in the construction industry for over 20 years, I have renovated many homes including my own. I have managed million dollar residential new construction projects and renovations, managed plumbing refits on commercial buildings and deficiency reports on residential and commercial new construction. Most recently I have been involved in all aspects of exterior hardscape including masonry, cement, house cladding, retaining walls and a lot more. I understand how a house performs as it ages.